Swamp Tours

Crowd Pleasers for All Ages

If you’re looking to experience Southern Hospitality packaged into an unforgettable trip, Skell’s Outdoor Adventures will bring you the best of the bayou. Skell’s experience, incredible knowledge, and a knack for showing folks a good time will be immediately apparent. Be prepared for a permanent grin and a yearning to return, as Dennis does…A Swamp Tour with Skell will stimulate the senses of all ages. Be sure to ask about both day and night adventures.

Unique Hunts Available

For those looking to add a unique hunt to their list, do a Google search for Nutria then book a trip with Paul and be prepared to pull out the biggest swamp rodents you could ever imagine. Frogging and jug line fishing trips are available as well. Located in Pierre Part, Louisiana (Discovery Channel Swamp People), Skell’s Outdoor Adventures will show you how the real Coon Asses roll in the swamp, day or night.  As Dennis is a friend and frequent guest of Skell’s, please tell him he sent you. He may have a story or two to share on that subject…

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