Access the Best Waterfowl Hunting

We are now offering guests the advantage of hunting our plentiful and vastly underutilized waterfowl resources. We have added a couple of young, accomplished, and darn sure enthusiastic waterfowl guides to our team. They were both born and raised right here in northeastern South Dakota and intimately know the lay of the land. We whole-heartedly put our reputation behind their efforts and can assure you they are diligent, hard-working and willing to do whatever is necessary to get you into the best waterfowl hunting available. This is their passion. They will accept nothing less, nor should you. Through our partnerships with outdoor companies such as Fiocchi Ammunition and others, you will be using only premium products, assuring you of a flawless hunt.

Get Your Non-Resident Waterfowl License

Obtaining a non-resident waterfowl license can be a bit tricky, buy you can rely on guides to walk you through the process. Visit South Dakota Game Fish & Parks to apply.

All Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunters must have an application postmarked by July 10th or submitted online prior to 8:00 A.M. on July 15th. Early-season Canada goose hunts are exempted from this requirement.

South Dakota Duck Hunts


Decoy large northern mallards into fields.

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South Dakota Canada Goose Hunts


Hunt Canada geese during the early season.

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South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts


Harvest hundreds of spring snow geese.

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When the first flock of the season begins dropping, guns, spirits and lifelong memories begin to rise.

Meet Your Guides

This tandem is a perfect fit for our team. They add a little youth and vigor to the entire operation and are a welcome addition.



Alex has always had a strong love for the outdoors. Growing up on a small family farm near Conde, South Dakota, he spent every available moment outdoors pursuing his passion to hunt and fish. This quickly grew into a distinct preference for pursuing waterfowl. He enjoys every aspect of it. Not just the shooting, but the entire process of what it takes to consistently be on birds. Planning, scouting, and the camaraderie amongst hunters are relished. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he finds it extremely rewarding to witness the excitement of others as they reap the bounty of his guiding efforts, particularly young and novice hunters.



Cody’s initial introduction to waterfowl was through his father and quite literally in their backyard. Having grown up next to a large, permanent, and always duck-filled slough bordering the quaint village of Mansfield, South Dakota. Cody found himself tagging along in the duck boat with his dad, chasing puddle ducks from an early age. He then took a more serious dive into the sport when he connected with a close friend and now guiding partner, Alex during honker hunts in high school. He possesses an affinity for sharing his hard-earned experience and insight with others as they consistently bring in the birds. 



Have your hunt professionally videos and edited in a personalized format. We will be filming much of the action for Focus Outdoors TV, so high-quality video cameras are always at the ready. Be sure and inquire as to details on capturing a permanent record of what could very well be an epic hunt.


Get aggressive and experience the best of both the upland and wetland worlds. We can easily arrange a combo pheasant/waterfowl hunt for you. Spend the early morning with our guides bringing the waterfowl to you and the remainder of the day having our guides bring you to the pheasants. An unforgettable South Dakota doubleheader, to be sure.

Download the Dakota Pheasant Guide Brochure Now An easy way to share information about hunting and fishing opportunities with your friends and family.

Package Rates & Season Dates

Package Rates

Full-Day Guided Waterfowl Hunt – $600
Includes lodging, shells and a field lunch.

Combo Pheasant/Waterfowl Hunt – $750
Includes lodging, shells and a field lunch.

Half-Day Guided Waterfowl Hunt – $250
Includes shells.

Extra Night Stay – $75 Per Person

Season Dates

Canada Goose: September 5th – September 30th

Ducks: September 25th – December 7th


Once you have all of your ducks in a row and have some date ranges in mind,

Connect with Dennis at 605-887-7069 to get your hunt scheduled.