Over the Hills and Far Away

May 1, 2017

group of hunters prepared for pheasant hunting in south dakota with all needed gear for the hunt


Guide Larry Bennet and Dennis Foster of show off the Merriam’s gobbler shot at 13 steps int the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The idea to head to the Black Hills on a Merriam’s hunt spawned from a conversation during a February ice-fishing trip. A friend of mine, Dennis Foster, and I were targeting pike and walleye through the ice on a small pothole in the Glacial Lakes region of northeastern South Dakota, and somehow our conversation drifted west nearly 350 miles as the crow flies to Black Hills turkeys.

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For more information on hunting the Black Hills, go to the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department website at, refer to the U.S. Forest Service website at or visit the Historic Deadwood’s website at
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