What to Bring

  • Hunting clothing that is blaze orange or another suitable orange vest
  • Several layers of clothing; fall weather conditions vary
  • Shooting gloves and eye protection
  • Hunting boots that are broken in – the field is not the place to do it.
  • All appropriate supplies for your dogs that will be joining the hunt.
  • Camera and/or video equipment to help capture the memories!

 Airport Options

There are three South Dakota airports within a three hour drive of our hunting land. If you need transportation to and from the airport we’ll be happy to assist.

Chartered Flights

For those of you bringing your own plane or chartering a flight, the following three companies can accommodate all of your needs.

Finding Your Lodge

Some of our lodges can be a bit tricky to locate, especially those that are fairly rural. We suggest you use our Google map and directions to ensure you’re arriving exactly where you should.

Licensing Information

South Dakota Pheasant License
Apply Online

  • Season runs from October 16th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022
  • Shooting hours: 10:00am til Sunset
  • $121 for Non-Resident Small Game License plus $25 for habitat fee
  • 3 roosters per day and 15 possession Limit

Self-Guided Guests

Note:  You will be hunting Wild Pheasants.  That being said, as much as we welcome you, they do not.  Meaning, they are genetically programmed for survival and appropriate tactics are vital for consistent success.  Please check out the blog for Dennis’ over 40 years of insight on how to best bag your birds.  Please, take the time to study all articles and videos.

Additional Suggestions

Please try and condition yourself and your dogs-if you bring them.  It will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.  If you have a physical ailment or handicap-please let us know in advance-we can easily accommodate your special needs.

Twelve Gauge guns are strongly recommended as our birds are 100% Wild.  Meaning they are wily, fast, and tough-particularly later in the season.  The lighter gauges can and do work, provided you have experience handling them. Beginners are best to start out bigger.

We do not require plugs to shoot pheasants in SD. Please have them removed prior to arrival and be ready to rack off some rounds at our roosters! Feel free to read-up on South Dakota’s laws for hunting, firearms and ammo.

It is recommended that you obtain your hunting license before your arrival.  You can do this by visiting the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks website.