Bag More Ringnecks

These tips and tricks will you find success in the field. As big and as...

The Bird Hunting Report

With access to 150,000 acres at three locations in North Dakota and seven in South Dakota, Dennis Foster of Dakota Pheasant Guide can get hunters into just about any wild bird hunting situation they desire.

Hunter’s Heaven | By Robert DeWitt

The strip of woods beside the quiet, two-lane highway is hardly more than 100 yards long and 25 yards wide — a tiny island of trees and grass in a vast ocean of flat, snow covered, harvested grain fields.

Dennis Foster takes his Suburban with three hunters and four dogs to one end of the little patch of cover. Casey Weismantel drops one hunter off in the center of the patch and then carries two more hunters to the opposite end of the trees. Before he can load his gun, pheasants are popping out of the trees and gliding into the field across the road.

A Case for Late(r) Season Pheasant Hunting

I know this may sound a little counter-intuitive to many pheasant hunters. Hunting wild game of any kind is always a bit of a gamble, but with pheasants, the timing of your hunt plays a big factor in your success. If you are truly interested in upping your odds for a successful hunt, later is generally your best bet.

Dennis on Frontier Unlimited

Dennis Foster and Casey Weismantel hosted Gary Lewis, host of Adventure Journal and outdoor author, for his first South Dakota pheasant hunt as part of an episode for Frontier Unlimited.

History, Hunting & Hope

South Dakota’s pheasant hunting heritage is rich. Her are some tips for making the most of your next day in the field.